You are the :

  • main contractor
  • OEM (original equipment manufacturer) designer and
  • system assembler

We are in the field of:

  • manufacturing of simple and complex harnesses
  • mechanical accessories associated with such harnesses and complex extruded enclosures

We can:

  • participate actively in the product design and development activities
  • become a partner

Our strengths:

  • Cell-based approach: a cell is set up for you, and includes a buyer, an information specialist and an account manager. You will benefit from our most modern equipment and the support of our dedicated specialists in quality, new product introduction (NPI), finances, engineering, etc.
  • "Just in time" Production: a rigorous supply chain management approach, innovative and thoroughly tested production methods, a highly trained workforce, consistent and regular rates of production, and product delivery in accordance with a "Just-in-time" schedule.

Tel: 450-491-4040 or by E-mail