For OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) designers or system assemblers:

  • manufacturer of simple and complex harnesses
  • providing mechanical assembly of harnesses or complex extruded enclosures

We will stay involved with you throughout the product development and design activities.

Result: Happy and loyal clients

Our strengths

  • A cell-based approach for each client

We set up a production and customer service cell for each client. A typical cell includes a buyer, an information specialist and an account manager.

  • Versatile team

We have the resources to meet your technical, logistic and material needs. Are you are looking for a harness supplier? Do you have a need for sophisticated, advanced technology in product development?

Contact us!

By phone (450) 491-4040 or by E-mail

  • "Just-in-time" production

We have a rigorous supply chain management approach, innovative production methods and a highly trained workforce. We can maintain consistent, regular rates of production. We deliver your products according to tight schedules. We call this the "just-in-time" approach to service.

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